Tea Mariage Frères

Tea Mariage Frères

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  • Marco Polo tea Mariage frères

    Price CHF24.00

    Scents of flowers and fruits from China and Tibet give it a unique velvety fragrance. 

    An extraordinary bouquet for the most mythical scented teas.

  • Rouge Bourbon Tea Mariage...

    Price CHF24.00

    This red rooibos is deliciously scented with vanilla. 

    Naturally without theine, it can be enjoyed hot or iced at any time of the day. 

    Its velvety fragrance, mellow taste, sweet and vanilla make it an ideal drink for the whole family.

  • Marco Polo rouge Tea...

    Price CHF24.00

    Undisputed success of the Maison Mariage Frères, this secret red rooibos will make you travel in the most distant and mysterious regions.

    Scents of flowers and fruits from China and Tibet give it a unique velvety aroma. 

    An extraordinary bouquet for the most mythical scented teas. 

    100% free of theine.

  • Blanc et rose Tea Mariage...

    Price CHF24.00

    Chic and beautiful: a mythical alliance of white tea and delicate oriental roses. 

    The transparency of the infusion exudes a sweet and flowery fragrance with the fresh and velvety flavor that fills the palate with greedy silk. 

    Royal tea!

  • Earl grey French blue Tea...

    Price CHF24.00

    Notre variation de ce grand classique, élégant et sophistiqué, réunit les tonalités fruitées, zestées et légèrement poivrées d’une fine et rare bergamote et les notes fleuries du bleuet royal. 

    La tasse ronde et équilibrée, à la saveur ample et persistante, imprime le palais de sa personnalité – en toute majesté. 

  • Earl grey imperial Tea...

    Price CHF26.00

    Among the great fragrant classics, the Imperial Earl Grey is a richly fragrant spring Darjeeling with the famous Bergamot Brothers Wedding.

  • Paris breakfast Tea Mariage...

    Price CHF24.00

    Paris City of Light shines with a new glow: the Paris Breakfast Tea. 

    The result of an extraordinary know-how and an innovative spirit, this eloquent and ardent tea, with an amazing aromatic richness, between poetry and gastronomy, created by the taster of Mariage Frères is simply wonderful. 

    The nose expresses a powerful honeyed bouquet with some zesty notes. 

    The cup keeps these promises: the large flamboyant black teas give a roundness texture in the mouth that gets richer and becomes more complex in length. 

    Dominate the tasty malty-chocolate notes, gently vanilla and brioche, which are crowned with a sweet-fruity evoking candied tangerine. 

    Finally, a hint of green tea from China brings the infusion to an unsuspected freshness, the whole

  • Russian breakfast Tea...

    Price CHF24.00

    This exclusive morning blend, made with Indian black tea, offers a round, malty, coppery tea with a pronounced citrus note. 

    A tea of great freshness to awaken the palate. 

    Support a cloud of milk.