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Showing 1-9 of 56 item(s)
  • Earl grey French blue Tea...

    Price CHF24.00

    Notre variation de ce grand classique, élégant et sophistiqué, réunit les tonalités fruitées, zestées et légèrement poivrées d’une fine et rare bergamote et les notes fleuries du bleuet royal. 

    La tasse ronde et équilibrée, à la saveur ample et persistante, imprime le palais de sa personnalité – en toute majesté. 

  • Fuji-yama Tea Mariage frères

    Price CHF24.00

    Green tea grown in the most beautiful tea gardens of Japan.

    Bright and tonic taste, perfect during the meal and at any time of the day.

  • Aesop Post poo drops 100ml

    Price CHF31.00

    This blend of botanical extracts with sparkling citrus zest and discreet floral notes neutralizes unpleasant toilet odours.

  • Opera Blue Thé Mariages frères

    Price CHF29.00

    The charm and pure emotions of the opera find an intense echo in the irresistible OPERA BLUE, velvety blue tea and caressing. 

    In the cup with the seductive blue indigo color sing notes of vanilla and red fruits supported by the milky greed of blue tea in a perfectly balanced score. 

    Note: The bluish color of the infusion of blue liqueur teas (Marco Polo Blue, Opera Blue, Legendary Blue Tea etc…) is due to the presence of finely chiseled blue flowers. 
    So these blue flowers may often be at the bottom of the box.
    We advise before preparing the tea, to return the box well closed and to shake it a few seconds to distribute the blue flowers chiselled in the tea.

  • VERBIER Hand soap

    Price CHF35.00

    VERBIER Hand soap, Black edition

    Coconut, orange and black tea.

    Also available in:

    VERBIER Candle

    VERBIER Diffuser 

  • Sakura Sakura tea Mariage...

    Price CHF26.00

    An unforgettable fragrant composition that combines the freshness of a beautiful green tea with the sensual and fruity flavors of Japanese cherry blossoms. 

    The air and irresistibly greedy notes envelop the palate and evoke the magic of a shower of cherry blossoms under a spring breeze.

  • Aesop Mouthwash 500ml

    Price CHF23.00

    It's time to take charge of your love life. This  formula freshens your breath and ensures impeccable oral hygiene without changing the natural pH of your mouth.